Drawing While Being Extremely Bored

So I think we all get bored very often, especially in quarantine when we are unmotivated and wanting the whole pandemic to end. Some things I do when I’m bored is play old flash-like games on my phone or computer, I listen to music (more in previous blog), or I draw (also in previous blogs).

I draw a lot of the time and I feel like even if I’m unmotivated, I can find something to work on drawing, shading, sketching objects, etc. I used to draw a lot of people, but I think I’ve kind of been avoiding them for a while and just drawing what I feel like at different times. When I draw people now, it’s usually actually a real person and way more realistic, unlike how I used to only draw fictional characters while trying to develop a style, and I feel like the more I do it, I improve not a lot because I’m pretty happy where I am, and I just revert to drawing objects and words in weird fonts, either on myself or in a sketchbook.

One thing I used to do that I hate now is only draw on printer paper that was pure white with no texture. At the start of the school year, I starting using a proper sketchbook and really have adapted to having paper in a way more convenient place other than just having random papers everywhere. I use mainly normal sized books, but for more space, I have bigger sketchbooks (1), too.

Something I do if I’m REALLY bored is just listen to a song and any words that interest me, I come up with something to draw from that. If a song mentions different objects or subjects, I usually draw those with context from the song. Usually the page I draw those on becomes just a random journal, like if you threw song lyrics onto paper in drawing form, but it’s kind of a really good “exercise” for me and I like to do it.

If I’m not motivated what-so-ever, I’ll usually just shade in random scratches into my sketchbook and have fun erasing them because I’m really weird like that. I’ll draw random, what I call, hair and erase that, too, and them get mad because I think I ruined the page because erasers never get rid of all the pencils marks and leaves a faded mark on the paper and now, in my mind, it’s ruined. This is a bad habit, but sometimes I’ll be so bored I tolerate it, but if I want to start fresh, I’ll just rip the page out and throw it away.

I also have bad habits of not using pencils consistantly and forgetting where they are, and them sharpening another one and using it, and repeating the process. I probably have 70+ used, sharpened pencils in my room alone, so that’s fun, I guess.

Music and People I Listen To

I usually like to listen to at least a few different genres of music at a time so I’m not obsessing over a specific band or singer all the time and listening to them on repeat 24/7, but I feel like that’s how most people are. I used to listen to country music a lot and some alternative pop, but now I barely do now (mostly country, I really love alternative pop still). I have a few favourite artists and bands that I’ve recently been playing on repeat over and over again with no real complaint, though, so I’m going to talk about them here.

  1. Number one would probably be Melanie Martinez. I’ve been a fan of hers for almost a years and I really love the metaphors in her different music and how she observes different topics and even stuff that could be hard to talk about in general. She makes great music videos that are interesting with her characters and she recently put our a film in 2019. My favourite songs from her are probably “Mad Hatter”, “Notebook”, and “Nurse’s Office” (all from different albums).
  2. Second is My Chemical Romance. I found their music because of my third favourite artist(s) last week, and I’ve been listening to them on repeat for the past few days. I think that since they’re such an old band (2007-ish) that they aren’t really relevant anymore, but I really don’t care because their music is really good. My top favourite songs currently are “Welcome To The Black Parade”, “Teenagers”, and “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”.
  3. My third favourite artists are Twenty One Pilots. I used to listen to them a bit (back in 2018-2019) and their songs like Ride, Heathens, and Stressed Out, but I think since I’m becoming a proper fan of them, I like some of their newer and older underrated songs more. As mentioned, they did get me into MCR specifically because they did a “Cancer” cover back in 2016 and I listened to it and got recommended a bunch of MCR stuff and now I listen to them a lot, too. My top songs from Twenty One Pilots are “Cut My Lip”, “Chlorine”, and “Level Of Concern”.

These are the people I listen to the most, but there are a bunch (barely 5) of miscellaneous songs that I like, too, such as “20 Dollar Nose Bleed”, “Spring Fever”, “Mama”, and I listen to different bands sometimes like Queen and Black Veil Brides.


Valentine’s Day

I like Valentine’s Day, especially when it’s on a school day. There’s lots of chocolate in stores and when you’re at school, the teachers are more chill and (if it wasn’t a pandemic) you can get candy a lot of the time.

In my school, we have (had) dances for a lot of the holidays, including Valentine’s day. The first proper dance I actually went to and had fun was a Valentine’s day dance and I spent the whole time with my friends and had a ton of fun. It was also the last dance I went to because it was in 2020 and now we’re here.

I think that the whole idea of Valentine’s day is very fun (I like the colours), but I’m literally one of the most un-romantic liking people I know, so it’s kind of just a fun little holiday for myself 🙂

Mental Health

Mental health is a big thing. It is very important, but sometimes, people can push it away as if it doesn’t matter. I went through an, as the internet calls it, “edgy teen phase”, and now when I look back, it was really stupid, but now I am way better in the self-confidence part and emotional part (I hope it doesn’t happen again). One thing I think a lot of parents or teachers neglect is feelings and differences, though. Teenagers go through a lot of phases sometimes, either trying to find their selves or fit in, which can be a very bad time for them with school and stress and friends and all that bogus.

One thing I think is very important is depression and anxiety. They have a lot of effects on all kinds of people physically and emotionally, so it can be very good if people going through that can tell someone and have a trusting person to express that to, because sometimes parents or adults in general can not really care about that, or do something for a little bit of time and then have it feel like neglect to a person’s situation.

I, personally, think it’s a thing lots of people need to be more open about and say that it’s ok to talk to someone because sometimes people can feel like people could push them away, when in reality, not a lot of people do that. A lot of other things are very important, too, but if you’re not in the right mental space, then it can be hard to focus or see that those things are important, too.

Friday – Exciting Things For The Weekend


So since the COVID Code Red restrictions are expired, and weren’t extended, that means that non-essential things and stores, etc. are now open and you can go out and buy stuff (not recommended). My mom said that since I got a lot of money for Christmas and she’s off this weekend, we could go to the city to find some stuff I wanted during Code Red. Also, my dad recently bought new movies for us to watch, and since I go to his place every weekend, I am excited to have at least some new things to watch (also PVR movies because they play a lot over the weekends).

I do have some homework, but it’s only a few small things I could get done either during catch-up which is kinda a relief at the end of the day because it’s Friday and you can easily knock things off the homework board and not have to stress out a ton on the weekends. Also, I could get a lot of O.W.L. (open world learning) time over the weekend since I don’t have too many plans.

I think that since Code Red was so strict, a lot of people are going to have similar views and go shopping since a lot of stores were closed, whether they went to them regularly before or it’s a craft store or for movies in case this happens again. I kind of feel the same way, but I would be really cautious going shopping since we are still in Code Orange.

Having A Lot Of Spare Time In Quarantine

Right now, a lot of people probably have more spare time than they have ever had before, and it’s a good idea to come up with new hobbies or coping mechanisms (Because we’re all probably stressed from this dumb pandemic). I know that I did a lot of some of my favourite things over Christmas break (and adding to current hobbies), and they kept me really entertained through the 2 weeks I didn’t really go outside.

I did a lot of drawing in my sketchbook with a different kind of organization (instead of jumping around the pages, to the back/middle, and scattering all my work with no date/proper timeline), also some writing and watching a lot of movies with my dad (my mom’s not a movie person + she worked a ton over the holidays). I watched a lot of Marvel and DC movies, but got into a bad habit of skimming through all different channels on the TV (kids, old movie channels, reality TV) around 2 weeks into the future (good movies/movies in general only play on the weekends) just to find a good movie to watch or one that I liked and wanted to PVR just to watch over and over again (I still do it too often because I’m impatient and just want to pass the time).

I think that’s it a good idea to try and keep your mind occupied while you have to stay inside to try and not become absolutely insane. Doing something that you find entertaining or that your good at is better than stressing out and being cautious 24/7 when you’re at home.

21 Hobbies You Can Start at Home—Today

WW – 4th Publication – Confusing Episodes

It started in an office. Maybe a meeting, with demons, loud honking cars, and tall buildings. An immature business man talking about ways to get his work more relevant around town. It was boring.

Let’s say a flashback, a vision or something. A scream or a cry. Birds, or were they demons, too? A large castle, with a huge balcony leading into a bedroom, and the source of the scream coming from the room closest nearby.

Maybe space was a better option, with a musical number. No, wait, it’s getting destroyed. Back to screaming. A woman’s loud voice yelling with rage. It woke up her daughter in the worst way for a teenager. Still boring.

Daycare, some kids. Quite a few. Maybe a new narrator, too, and more songs, this one with a nice tune. It was very upbeat and cheery, clearly seen as for kids. They even had some parts in it, and finished the song nicely, even if it was out of tune a bit.

Back to demons and desaturated colours. And that immature business man. I’m starting to think he’s a main character. Other demons, too? Wonder what they’re about, and a… dog?

Wait. That can wait.

Is that a box of cereal? Why is she eating it with her hands? Whatever, the old phone is ringing again (it looks fancy). I wonder who that guy is calling. Maybe someone important? He did say he needed a bodyguard. Not sure what for though. A theme park. Seriously? Wait, hold on, how tall is this guy, 12 feet? That’s insane.

These people seem quite bored around that mascot, I wonder what it would be like if it was real.

Maybe that’s too scary to think about. Demons in real life would be strange. Well, the characters do seem realistic enough. What? Is that a circus? And a.. really tall clown? He looks weird, and his voice is weird, too.

Another song? Why are these everywhere? Why does everyone sing so much? Wait, no, more dialogue.

These lines are different, and they’re in an office again. I don’t like this sequence. More talking form that business guy. Is that a commercial? Another song? It sounds kind of nice, like the other one from before. Too many songs. Even more dialogue, and nothing interesting happening.

A news station? Wait, these people are celebrating. Well, cake is a nice way to end things, or an explosion.  I can’t really decide.

What I Did During The Holidays

For Christmas Break, I didn’t do a lot. I visited my dad and had supper with the few family members in my house, but nothing really special.

I got a lot of money from my dad, grandparents, and mom. I also got a new set of earbuds and a necklace which are actually kinda nice. I really expected not a lot this year since nothing is really open/essential now, so I was just glad with the little presents. I know I can always go shopping online or after COVID has calmed down a bit (Even though it wouldn’t be the best idea), so I plan on doing that hopefully sometime soon.

I did a lot of indoor activities, too. I got more into drawing and a lot of digital stuff. I finally got my glasses fixed (and broke again), and I also helped my mom with Wi-Fi problems at home. I played games for some of the time, too, since I usually don’t get a lot of free time without stressing about homework.

Now that we have 2 weeks of remote learning, I was a little nervous before, but now that I’m a week through, I think it’s actually quite easy, and asynchronous times can be difficult to stay invested in, but otherwise, it’s going really good so far.

WW – 3rd Publication – Sub Urban – Some Random Singer

Some people might know Sub Urban as a smaller creator in the music industry as he is a musician, producer, and song writer for himself. He recently started growing a lot in popularity from his music videos and recent album release, which was just this year.

His real name is actually Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve, and he was born in Nyack, New York on October 22nd, 1999 (He is currently 21). Throughout his life, he has suffered with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Bipolar Disorder, along with suicidal thoughts following these disorders.

Sub has gained a lot of followers on Social Media platforms such as YouTube (@Sub Urban, 2.5m), Spotify (@Sub Urban, 5.1m Listeners), Twitter (@thatsuburban, 19k), and Instagram (@thatsuburban, 359k). He posts regularly on these sites since his managers don’t have control over his platforms, unlike other singers.

He has collaborated with a few smaller artists, too. Some such as REI AMI and DNMO. Also, he had plans to go on tour with Melanie Martinez (A more popular artist), but it had gotten postponed thanks to the pandemic and isolation. Sub has also released an album recently called “Thrill Seeker” (March 13, 2020), and also a viral single in 2019 called “Cradles”. Some of these songs have really helped popularize him over the past year.

As for some music videos he has published, the Cradles music video has 262 million views on YouTube, the Freak music video for his album has 115 million views (Both videos have been directed by Andrew Donoho), and another one of his official videos, a lyric video for a single called “Isolate”, has 7.1 million views. His main music/song genres are considered to be Pop, Anti-Pop, Indie Pop, and Alternative Electronic. Sub has also won one award for his viral songs.

Sub has been making music for the past 3 years, and as a fan of him, I hope he releases more soon.

Christmas Update & Winter Break

So winter break got updated and we are doing 2 weeks of remote learning after the break (Which is the safest option). I felt that winter break would probably have this because of Christmas time and people getting excited and gathering to celebrate.

As for Christmas, my parents haven’t put up a tree yet, but I feel like it’s because of our out-of-control dog who destroys everything. I really want to decorate one but we don’t have a solid plan to solve what could happen. My parents said we could go shopping before or after Christmas for stuff we want, but I’m still not sure what exactly I want. I do want to start picking up some more hobbies in case the 2 remote learning weeks gets extended and I have to stay home constantly (Not that I mind, I’m a huge introvert).

Usually, my family has a lot of people over for supper on Christmas Eve, but I think that with us being in a pandemic right now, it would be stupid to do that. We might just have to stay home and have a little supper on our own. I really want to visit my dad, too, so I’ll probably visit him after he’s done working, or on Christmas Day.