Open World Learning

In our class, we have this thing called open world learning, or OWL. It’s where you take 6 weeks to improve on something you’re interested in, 2 hours a week roughly. You show your progress and the main parts throughout each week for improvement, and you have these things called dragons where you each soar (pass), or burn (fail). You get put in groups and after each presentation in the group, the dragons tell what the owl did best, what could be improved, and how they used their time and how to go through.

For my first owl, I did drawing. I was nervous about presenting, but I think I made a lot of improvement throughout it. The second one I had got stuck on, and quickly put together a presentation about my Tying Tutor practice and how much I got better at typing. The 3rd Owl, I did digital colouring. This was another strong presentation (Yes, there is a pattern here). I really liked this presentation because I felt way more focused and I actually improved way more than I did at anything previous. The 4th one I did guitar. I thought I had a good presentation, but it ended up being too long and there was tech problems. I ended up going through, though, so now it’s the 5th owl.

For the last one, I really want to make it good, so I went back to drawing. I want to work on my current skills and improve on how I draw backgrounds and settings for characters instead of the blank white paper. Also angles, poses, and a bunch of traditional things I never really take time for (usually finish drawings digitally).

Also, the fact I hate presenting anything. After I’m done and my anxiety is gone, I feel like I should do the whole thing over again with more confidence. I don’t like it because I already gave my work and I can’t do it again so I think people are gonna be thinking about the flaws like me instead of the good parts. It’s a big issue for me, so that’s my biggest concern with Owl right now.

Why I Hate Summer

I know most people think summer is the best season. It’s warmer than the other season’s, you can get tanned and go outside a lot more, etc. I am not one of those people, so I kind of just trash on all of it.

  1. The weather. I have a very big, irrational fear of thunder storms, and when do they occur most? Summer. If there’s even a slight chance of one or its cloudy and windy, I’m already hiding away in the basement. It doesn’t really help my case that the house I live in basically amplifies ever little sound. I get sick to my stomach and feel like I’m having a panic attack and can’t breathe correctly. I feel like puking and I can’t eat anything. Sometimes, though, if I’m fortunate enough, I’ll get over it when the storm calm down and bit and be able to not figuratively die.
  2. The weather, again. I live in Canada, and even though it gets down to -50 in the winter, it gets really hecka hot in the summer. Like, +30, which is sweating by a air conditioner hot. I don’t know why people love it, but it sucks. Also, I hate tanning and looking like a tangerine or something, so I end up crawling out of my cave at the end of summer looking like a vampire while my sister and mom (and other family members) look bronze. I don’t mind it, but it makes me look really sick and like I am gonna die soon.
  3. I’m insecure. I hate going out into public and it’s no help that all my clothes are either black or the darkest shade of a colour before black. I don’t go swimming and I don’t go outside a lot because of my clothes and the previous reasons (see above). The last time I went swimming at an actual public pool was around 2017, so a good 4 years not drowning in a public bathtub. Also, another unmentioned reason why I don’t go outside is my sleep schedule. I’ll give you a clue; last summer, I woke up at 5pm once…

That’s pretty much all the reasons I hate summer and a bag of chips. I’ll stick to staying inside with family during -50 weather and opening Christmas presents, thank you.

Thinking About Halloween (Yes, Already)

I know it’s probably insane to think about what to be for Halloween 6 months before it comes up, but I’m weird like that (no, I was thinking about it in January, too, so sue me). Honestly, it’s probably my favourite holiday and I don’t know anyone who has said that. I can appreciate the other holidays (I literally only celebrate Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays), but I really like Halloween the best because of the aesthetics, the season, and the fact that you can dress up all crazy and no one can judge you because you have a solid excuse.

First of all; the aesthetic. The colours that most people probably think about are orange, black, purple, and green. I really like the combination of these colours and it’s almost everywhere you look during Halloween.

Second is the season. Fall is probably arguably the best season. In Spring, there’s water, puddles, and mud everywhere. Summer gives you sunburns and you sweat a lot. Winter’s just cold, plus there’s snow storms. The only bad thing I can think about Fall is the weather can change from ups to down, and when it snows, it’s very unexpected.

And third; COSTUMES. I still am very on the edge of what to be for Halloween this year, but I have a few solid ideas. I think it’s really cool that people get to dress up and go around getting candy for one day in the year. Some people might say that it’s really only for kids, but I think it’s completely fine for adults to dress up, too. They can go out and buy their own candy, though (it might be unfair for an adult to go trick-ot-treating).

Also, movies. Halloween movies are pretty cool. Mostly I’ll watch a few scary movies, but mostly, I’ll just watch the very few Tim Burton movies that come on literally maybe once in a lifetime on our TV (it sucks, like if you’re favourite show wasn’t on Netflix or available anywhere) (+ its also sucks that most of his movies are old so they aren’t even relevant anymore).

I think that’s basically all I have about Halloween. Hope you enjoyed (if you’re reading this 6 months into the future, hope you’re having a good Halloween).

Honoring Someone Else’s Blog

I decided to honor my friend, Annah’s, blog. I like it because it’s interesting, pretty good with descriptions, and she’s completely herself on it. I like how she sticks to things she likes, unlike me, who just has a bunch of dumb opinions on things I prefer in different phases of my life.

I have a creative mind, but I have no clue what to blog about

I’m a pretty creative person, and I know how to execute ideas that come to me fairly easily, either in a drawing or writing it down or whatever, but today I had no idea what to blog about.

I’ve been thinking about the music I’m listening to, so that’s interesting. Having broken earbuds and listening to a song that requires the left and right side of them both together is not a good combination because I heard what sounds came through the left earbud just yesterday and I’m questioning my existence now. It doesn’t help that it’s rock music and vocalists tend to make a ton of strange noises (metal screams are out of the question) in the genre, so I’m basically asking for it (it’s a new song, too. Basically never listened to it).

I’ve also been drawing a lot more. Not drawing, but opening a sketchbook and staring and what I’ve previously drawn and either cringing or trying to make out what I can fix in it. I’ve been drawing a lot of different things recently, too. I used to only draw fanart of random cartoon characters in a random style with no detail, but now I’m drawing real people in a slightly more realistic style (at least with realistic type colouring) and different details I’ve never done before a lot. If you look through my most recent sketchbook, you’d probably find a lot of tattoos (see blog post below) and vampires and dead looking things. The odd time I’ll draw something meaning to have way more colours than black and red, but since it’s a sketch and you would’ve seen previous drawing in it, you would assume it’s supposed to be around the same style as the other drawings.

I don’t really know what this blog was, but I hope you enjoyed it (This had more info on me, too, so that’s fun).

My Opinion On Tattoos

I don’t really have a strong opinion on tattoos. I think they’re pretty cool, and most of my favourite artists have tattoos, but I think I would stay away from them until I’m 100% sure I want one and that it’s in the right place and a right choice.

I don’t have a fear of needles and I think it’s really cool that some people have a ton of them even if they get strange looks from people. It could be a big form of self expression, too.

One of my biggest fears, however, would be the artist messing up (rarely happens because they’re professionals). Just the thought that there could be a small mistake in the image that’s really noticeable to you and you can’t even get rid of it. That’s why I would probably still be considering getting one even if I’m sure I want one. Also, the pain of getting them would probably be really bad. My mom got a tattoo and said that it hurt a bit, but that she couldn’t really feel it because of adrenaline. I’m scared about that not happening to me and feeling every bit of it.

If I did get tattoos, I’d probably get them on my arms/wrists first, somewhere visible sometimes and sometimes not. It’d be really cool to get some kind of design, but I probably would want a tattoo with a proper meaning before I just get a lot of random ones. Also, I probably wouldn’t cover my entire body because it might look strange.

I already have a few potential ideas of ones i want, but they might change if I ever go through with actually getting one. Who knows.

Geeking Out About Superhero Movies

Zack Snyder's Justice League Gets New Posters and a Release Date | DC

So, I think we all know that recently, the Snyder Cut for Justice League came out. I watched it the night of the premiere and honestly it’s one of the best movies ever. 4 hours of missed cut outs and explanations from the OG film released in 2017 (that movie was a mistake) and so much content to take and make more out of and I watched all of it because I love the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). Not gonna spoil it, but if you’re even a tiny bit of a superhero fan, you should watch it 100%.

Also, a bunch of Marvel content should be happening soon. I’m kind of disappointed that Black Widow kept getting pushed back until July now (emphasis on that because it was supposed to be MAY), but I’m just glad that people can watch TV Series on Disney+ to keep their minds occupied as we wait for another eternity in the pandemic for actual good stuff to come out.

No other movies really interest me besides superhero movies, and I’m kind of nit-picky when it comes to ones I want to watch and like, so I have very limited options. It’s no help that I go to my dad’s place every weekend and all we do is watch superhero movies, so sometimes if we can’t choose, we just end up watching the News and that’s all.

I don’t really know what the comic accuracy is on superhero movies because I’ve never read any comics, but so far I’m caught up in the DCEU and MCU (yeah, I’ve watched all the films) enough to have a opinion and general feel of how the comics could go, whether it’s based off of them part-by-part or not.

WW – 5th Publication – Gerard Way – Some Other Random Singer

Intro: Gerard Arthur Way is a singer & used to be in the band My Chemical Romance. He was the main vocalist for the band, among Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Mikey Way (Guitarists), & Bob Bryar (Drummer).

Background Info: The band was a punk rock/metal/emo band & started making music together in 2002. They’ve released 4 albums since and some extra songs, but they broke up in 2013. However, they returned with tour announcements in late 2019, but had to be cancelled because of COVID-19. As mentioned, Gerard was the main singer for the band, but he has made independent music throughout the years, too.

Music: Gerard said that 9/11 was what really affected him, & was what kind of motivated him to start a band & take a different career path away from art (He was doing that previously). He has performed in well over 8 official music videos for My Chemical Romance, some including I Don’t Love You, Blood, Teenagers, & Welcome to the Black Parade, most directed by Sam Bayer. He has also revealed quite a few meanings behind some of his songs. One that I know is Helena, which was written about his grandmother’s death. People who’ve helped him with creating have said that sometimes he puts in so much emotion to his lyrics that they have to take a break after hearing it.

About (Personal Life): Gerard is currently 43 years old, & his birthday is on April 9th (1977). When he was younger he had gender identity problems, claiming he felt more feminine because of media. He has stated that a lot of other metal bands were a big part of inspiration for him, one larger one being Freddy Mercury. Gerard said that it wasn’t just Freddy’s music, but also his lifestyle. He was also an inspiration to Gerard’s brother, Mikey Way.

Gerard has been through prescription drug & alcohol addiction. He has been sober for 14 years now, beginning in 2007. He also got married the same year, & following, had a daughter named Bandit Lee Way in 2009. He used to live in New Jersey with the band, but now lives in Los Angeles with his family.

Cites: Wikipedia, YouTube (Interviews; Said Himself)

What I Hate About The Internet (Hint: A Lot Of Things)

This is more of a rant than my previous posts, but I feel like I should share some of my views on the dumbest things on the internet that have exploded.

  1. TIK TOK. I don’t know what the huge hype about it is; it’s like any other social media platform and is basically a huge butterfly effect where someone can post something, and it hits a bunch of other social media sites when it does nothing for anything. Some people have even gotten famous off of dancing on the platform and I really don’t understand anything about how in the world that happens. It also has a bunch of unsafe things like challenges and sometimes predators, and people who support clearly problematic things, but people still use it as a non-toxic site. Sure, there are some quality-content clips and videos on it that actually make you laugh, but other than that, I’d rather just stay in the dark and avoid it because I’m that kind of person.
  2. I don’t understand Stan Culture. It’s essentially when someone looks up to people who got famous basically overnight for something not that incredible (usually), and worship them like they’re God or something. It’s really dumb in my mind, and the people they stan are literally just ordinary people, and when they do something wrong, nothing happens about it and stans defend the creator even if they’re problematic.
  3. Aesthetics. Apparently clothing is getting labels now and I don’t understand it either. It’s okay to try out different things, but a lot of aesthetics are literally carbon copies of each other. There’s a lot of light coloured ones, and then a darker one like emo or goth. Alternative is a mash up of insane looking, dark colours and light colours, but it’s still the only one I like because it’s literally a normal outfit but exaggerated and expressive about someone. All the other ones are kind of uncanny in my mind.
  4. Whatever the heck people are doing these days is just weird. The music and the platforms and the fame is all really strange now. I don’t judge, but I just don’t like it a ton like everyone else. If you take a look at what music I like or how I dress, I’m very 2000s a lot because I listen to songs prior to 2009 a lot, with some odd ones in 2015/16 because that was prime music time, honestly.

This was a bit of a long rant, but I really don’t care because do what you want as long are you’re not doing something wrong or illegal or discriminatory. I know I probably won’t change my mind about any of this soon, but I really don’t care.

Rock/Metal/Punk Rock Music

What I love about rock/metal/punk rock music is how loud is can get and the rough vocals along with the instruments. One thing I can only listen to on full volume earbuds is this kind of music and I think I’m going deaf sometimes. A band I listen to a lot (the only people I currently listen to) is My Chemical Romance. I never get tired of their music and since they made so much of it, I have a ton of songs I can listen to and a huge gallery to pick from. A lot of music I previous listened to was really quiet and slow, but with loud and fast metal songs, I think that their my main current preference, so I listen to it 24/7.

Also, for O.W.L. (Open World Learning), I’m learning guitar, and I’m really excited to because if I do, I can learn to play some of my favourite songs. My mom said that if I learn enough to make it through the project, she’d get me an electric guitar because I really want one, and also it’s a major factor in rock music, I find.

One other thing I really like about this kind of music is that you can basically make any kind of song out of it. A random one, a sad one, one that sounds mad because that’s what lots of people perceive metal music to be like (it’s not), and probably a lot more. I feel like sad rock songs are more expressive because of how some artists deliver the lines. They can make it sound angry and sad at the same time with louder lyrics. Music videos express it better, too, and can give you a clear image of what emotion the singers are giving with facial expresses.

I listen to loud music when I want to block out annoying people or I blare my earbuds with it when I don’t wanna be bothered if I’m alone. I feel like it’s kind of an unhealthy habit, but I keep doing it, still. It’s basically a coping mechanism for me because if I’m in a  bad mood, I can listen to loud music to just express my feeling/thoughts through and relax a bit if I’m frustrated. It’s a really good system for me, and there’s usually a song I have downloaded to my phone so I can just listen to it while I play games or draw, which are some common hobbies of mine.

(I do have a whole other blog talking about what other artists I listen to, and a few songs I really like by rock bands here -> )